Some Interesting and Useful Links
This page has just started, more links to follow.
Updated 30th. August 2000
FML If you like Space Art then you must visit this site.
Frank-M. Lewecke is an award winning artist in this type of work.
Almost Abstract I found this site "Almost Abstract" by accident when I was doing some searches. The author Chris Carrick produces pictures using mainly hot wax and an iron, ...honest.
This gives them, in my opinion, an unique quality, which I thought looked like a combination of water colour wash and oils. A lot of these pics have a fantasy type of theme, and some to me were even surreal.
Great pictures, different, and deffinately worth a look, she even sells them too :-)
HTMLVQG This is the book that I used to learn HTML and construct this site.
Great book, well laid out, and with plenty of examples with graphics.
And yeh, I know I still have a lot to learn ;-)
If you want to see a different cartoon each day, then pay this site a visit.
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