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1 June 2005

     After a long break from trying to sort out various problems, rewrote the home page, yet again, and it now validates HTML 4.01 Transitional. I have now started rewriting all the pages to conform to 4.01, starting with the 'Gravesend' section, as that is more important that it vaildates ok.
     Removed the search engine as it added too much advertising.Also removed the  This Day In History and the Tell a Friend utils for the same reason.

23 December 2004

     Almost finished veryfying code and added HR top and botton of 'Gravesend' pages to neaten things up. Corrected rogue links in all pages.
     Added a Search Engine, This Day In History and a Tell a Friend util to site. Search engine still to finish configuring on Bravenet site, because I can't test it on a test site, needs the REAL URL of web site.
     Gravesend pages now OK.
     Final test to do on mirror on zen and then testing before updating the 'real' site.

19 December 2004

     Still having problems getting 'Gravesend' pages to display properly in Firefox. Updating yet again.
Still to finish 'forward' and 'back' links on all.
Clock Tower + links done OK.

16 December 2004

   Started to update HTML to 4.01 Transitional, found lots of errors to be fixed and tested in Mozilla Firefox, Opera and IE. Fixed all 'Gravesend pages and started on 'Chuckles', next to do is 'Chuckles 2'.

13 December 2004

   1st update for quite a long time, starting to rework the layout and add some fresh content.

Valid HTML 4.01!