---- Who Am I? ----

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Guess who? 8 months.............. Less than 8 months............ More than 8 months :)

A Few Things About Me.

      My name is John Lord, and I live in a town called Gravesend, in Kent, UK. I was born in 1947, so I'll leave you to work out my current age. :))

      I have been married, and have a son Richard who was born in Gravesend Hospital in 1979,and a daughter Hazel who was born in Lewisham Hospital in 1975.       I live on my own with a large selection of plants, mostly cacti. And often get told off when I say, "I think I might buy that plant". The answer being, "You aint got the space Dad!", but I usually find somewhere to put it :)

      My taste in music is very varied, I like rock through to folk style, electronic music to some classical, old to modern. So you could find CDs by Queen, Pink Floyd, ELO, Dire Straits, Vangelis, Mariah Carey, Beautiful South, Mark Knofler, Fairground Attraction, Simply Red, and many others.

      The sort of programs I like on tv are Travel & Exploration, Science & Sci-Fi, virtually any kind of motor sport, both 2 & 4 wheels, power boat racing. And other things that catch my eye, like historical documentaries or costume drama.

      Animals, now I like most kinds of animals, I get a great deal of pleasure being 'hands on' with them. For example the usual feelings when you play with, or stroke a cat or dog. I have been very lucky to go and stay on a farm in Northumberland where they have horses, sheep, goats and of course the usual compliment of working border collies and other breeds, and also many cats. And the pleasure from working with the horses, especially the new foals is something that I will always remember.

      To be accepted and trusted by an animal is a very warming and humbling experience. And I totally abhor any cruelty directed towards them.

And of course I have my greatly expanded Amiga which is detailed else where.

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